Tuesday, April 13

mmmm.... caffeine

First... don't forget to enter this week's giveaway to one of my favorite shops!  
(wait to you see the custom bird order I made for my garden party coming in a few months ;o)

...So I have secretly been wanting to throw a coffee party... I mean, they have wine parties, why not coffee? Ok, everyone will be MUCH more wired, but that means everyone can stay up later lol.... If you don't want to have it be your whole theme... why not set up a fun coffee bar station at your next party/event?!?

You can decorate with coffee beans (use cheap ones!) Put them in candles or vases or pour them in a tray and place coffee mugs on top of them - get creative! It will add to the theme, and they smell great!  Source

How fun are these!?! You pour coffee into the "coffee bean" ice cube trays and freeze - not only do they look like big coffee beans, but they won't water down your drink! Source found via Poca Cosas

Dip spoons into melted chocolate - add some flavor extracts if you want - and let dry.  Swirl a different color chocolate on top and these would be fantastic to have out or to use as favors! Source

Another great favor would be these burlap pouches full of coffee beans and finished off with a beautiful ribbon & label! (this label says "love is brewing" with the couples name & date on it... love it!) Source

Do a syrup bar! You can get all kinds of amazing flavors - hazelnut, chai, raspberry - you name it! We actually have a collection of fruit flavors that we add to seltzer for Italian sodas - guests have so much fun making up different drink combos! Here is the company we use: Source (shhh don't tell too many people or they might raise their prices! - they are just the cheapest we have found!)

Add some coffee bean ribbon to your napkins, favor bags, wrap them around your syrup bottles after you "custom label" theme to match your theme... Source

Why not do a coffee menu board listing all the flavors and yummy food items you prepared! Source

You'll have to click on this pic to see... they did an awesome spread of food that would be perfect for this party theme - I had to include it!  Source


  1. Love the theme! Super cute ice trays and I adore the favor bags. Thanks for the links! Hope you are enjoying your week!

  2. While I love a nice glass of wine, I'd take a coffee party over wine any day! Great ideas here!

  3. Oh my gosh... this party is so me! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fab idea...Love those burlap sacks!

  5. I suddenly have a severe craving for COFFEE!!!! How cool is that stuff! Now I also want to make a coffee inspired cake!

    I love your stuff - new follower!!

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  7. Loooove this post! So many great ideas...those silicone coffee bean trays art too cute and I adore the burlap coffee bean favors :)

  8. Great idea and I don't even drink coffee, but how cute!!!!

  9. I love the idea of a coffee party!

  10. When and where because I am so there! Coffee is my everything! I call myself the coffee whore! Hope I didn't offend anyone!

  11. that's a great idea, I love the smell of coffee, I love the coffee lingo, mocha,latte,caramel,frap... I love the adorable shops...I just wish I loved the taste! I could never get even the smallest sip down. Oh well guess that's why they have chai.

    FYI- glad to see you use an enclosed candle with the coffee bean votive. I didn't and guess what coffee beans catch on fire, who'd a guessed?

  12. I am with you ladies!!! Bring on the coffee!

    p.s. I think the beans are fine if you keep them in the bottom... I actually have one in my house like that already!

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  13. I always make coffee ice cubes for my summer iced coffee. But how much cuter if they looked like beans! So cute!

  14. I love this theme and I am dying to do something with it too!
    Here are a couple of ideas I found in the fall.


  15. Oh wow, this looks like such an awesome party! And it's so true--they have wine parties, why not a coffee party?! I love the coffee bean shaped ice cubes and the burlap bag favors. Such a cute idea. It's sometimes hard to find a reason to throw a "grown-up" party, and this is a great "excuse"! Thanks for all the info!

  16. Adoro café, mais eu trocaria por uma boa taça de vinho quem resiste???
    Adorei as ideias..

  17. I would attend a coffee party in a heartbeat - what a fun idea! Love, love, love!


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