Thursday, April 1

More Easter!

Ok, last Easter post! I have so much baking to do for a friend starting tomorrow - I'll be tired of looking at cookies and cupcakes until at least Sunday ;o)  Hope you all have off tomorrow! Make sure you check in tomorrow for something special....

Are you not cracking up!?! These little guys totally make me chuckle every time I see this picture! Made with mini cupcakes, Milano cookies, marshmallows and chocolate covered peanuts?  I scanned this from one of the million magazines I subscribe to and now I don't know which one sorry!!  I have dibs on the black sheep - it's most fitting ;o)

How fun is this idea? Mini cupcakes put into an egg carton! What a great hostess gift! They will be surprise when then open it up! And everyone (but the kids) will thank you for the calorie proportion lol  Source

I so need to use my brownie pop mold more! These would make great last minute treats for Sunday! You could embellish as little or as much as you had time (or patience) for!  Source

Homemade marshmallow bunnies - so dang cute! They would be great for a little girl's sleepover with everyone getting bunny slippers! - that's actually what they remind me of! Source and tutorial found via Nofussfabulous

Cookie bunny pop - yum! The lady reposted with a full tutorial - love her!  How cute would these be if you put them all into fake grass and then put the "carrot" utensils I posted before in front... so darling!  (I don't know why I just wrote that, I never say darling - lol)... Source and tutorial