Wednesday, March 31


I love showing kid's stuff, but we grownups need some great parties too! I will pepper them in here and there for us! ...well, I couldn't eat for 27 hours because of a medical procedure this morning - and all I was craving was chocolate cake - my total weakness - I am not a big icing fan, but LOVE chocolate cake! So in honor of what I couldn't have... here are some fantastic desserts for your next party - I am focusing on presentation, can't vouch for taste! But I always say presentation is everything!

Did you just do the same thing I did when I saw these [gasp!]!?!? Hello!?! I am not sure if I have ever seen a more beautiful dessert! These are individual chocolate-espresso charlottes - they may not be all chocolate, but I'll forgive them ;o)  Source and recipe

These are another omg moment - edible spoons with a dab of peanut butter mousse! How good would dessert be if you could eat the spoon too!?! (I'm sounding like a big 'ol pig lol!) I am SO making these - just waiting for the form to arrive! Source .... p.s. I bought my spoon template here

I found these in some book and didn't write down the book! UGH! sorry... mini brownies with toasted marshmallow and drizzled caramel sauce YUM! I just love the presentation with the silver picks.  If you don't have a kitchen torch (first, get one) you can put them under the broiler for a min.

Am I making ya'll hungry yet?!? These are mini rootbeer floats! The glasses are so dang cool! And if you are only having a mini one, you can have one of each of the above too ;o)  Source