Thursday, April 29

Travel Theme

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I don't know about you, but I grew up with Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego - and the only reason I can probably name more than 2 countries rofl.  I think it would be so fun to do a travel theme party - how perfect for gender neutral kid's party or even an adult moving away?!?

You could decorate the room with maps and flags of all different countries.  Hang globes down from the ceiling and cut out shapes of countries or even just the names and put them on the floor and walls - don't forget to decorate all the space!  Source 

 Use paper maps as placemats.  Cut them with craft wavey scissors to give them a fun edge! Go to you local office supply store and check on laminating prices - you could get them laminated and send them home with each kid when they are done eating! Source

How dang cool is this!?! This website you type in your address and a message to appear (click on pic to enlarge) - it does a google earth map of your addy and formats it to fit the inside of your envelopes! You just print it out, cut it and adhere to the inside of your invite envelopes! genius! Source

Use old suitcases or even cardboard boxes made to look like a suitcase as props.  Find images on the internet, print and glue on! Source

Have your invites and cupcake toppers stamped with "passport" stamps! Create passports that the kids can get stamped at different country stations set up! Source

How adorable are these!? You could send as your invite, use as favors or even have the kids write a message on with edible markers at the party! Source found via Hiphoorayblog