Saturday, May 1

Shopping Saturday!

For those new Frosted Fans... Every Sat I post finds from local stores (but national chains) that may help you stock up for your next party.   I try and keep a rolling 2 months in the link on the right  "Frosting at Local Stores"

This week is kind of light - been a really rough week.  Enjoy!

Cute table cards and mobile - perfect to decorate your next Dr. Seuss themed party!

Found:  Borders Books
Section:  Clearance
Cost:  $2.97

Never to early to start planning! I love these long 4th July baskets - would be great for rolls or rolled up beach towels! 

Found:  AC Moore
Section:  Seasonal
Cost: $12.99

All kinds of towels, bowls, placemats, tableclothes, etc. with fish prints - use at your next fish or underwater theme party!

Found:  Target
Section:  Kitchenwares
Cost: Vary

Why not have a fun bean bag toss at your next Outdoor party? Even safe enough for inside if you move the lamps ;o)

Found:  Target
Section: Sports/Camping
Price: $34.00


  1. Hello ~ I followed you from Tip Junkies Facebook page, and I am so glad I did! I love your site, and what you do! I am now following your blog! I love to decorate, organize, host parties, and I decorate cakes, I would love to make it my profession someday! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Monica! Welcome aboard! We sound a lot alike! feel free to drop me an email anytime

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  3. I was in Michael's today and thought to myself - I wonder what's gonna be on the Saturday Shopping blog post? as I walked through the store. LOL!!

    I love the Target fish stuff - I bought some of that for the outdoor area for my daughter's bday party. It's soo cute!!

  4. Thanks for this post today. I have been looking for more fish stuff for my daughter's Finding Nemo Party. Should have known to look at Target. Blessings to you for a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Those Target goodies are already SOLD OUT here.. insane... they were crazy popular, too darn cute! Is AC Moore the same as Michaels?

  6. I saw your link on be diff act norm, love this saturday thing...I'm planning a 3rd birthday soon, I looked at a few other posts, some great ideas!


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