Monday, May 31

Party Drink Ideas!

Happy Memorial Day! A lot going on around here so I will just leave you with some mouth watering drink ideas! Hope you guys are having fun!

Adorn your glasses with fresh fruit! They look just as cute on the top as they do the bottom, so you make the choice! Source

 Liqueur lollipops add flare and flavor to your champagne! yum! Source and recipe

Add fresh fruit to a drink dispenser to add a touch of flavor and a eye catching pop of color! Source

Break it out old school style with mason jars and add a simple label with a pretty ribbon to really set a fun picnic day! Source


  1. Always love mason jars. The blueberries up top are super cute too....Great stuff...

  2. the mason jars always look great!!!

  3. WOW! These are so lovely. so beautiful and nice clicks.

  4. Great inspiration pics. I also love rasberries on the bottom of water goblet glasses. When filled with lemonade they turn a pretty pink color for rasberry flavored lemonade.

  5. Nicole-Lynn has a great idea for the raspberries!

  6. For kids parties, don't forget to add color to their drinks! Just a couple drops of food coloring can be added to any clear or light colored beverage to brighten things up!

  7. Love that drink dispenser with the fruit floating inside. Looks gorgeous!

  8. Hello there! the first picture with blueberries on top is mine!
    You can check out more of them on my blog for the lilac party I have organized a while ago:

    Ilenia from


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