Thursday, May 6

Party food: Appetizers!

I could eat tapas style for life and never sit down to a full meal again! I never hold dinner parties, but love to hold gatherings that have tons of different food choices... plus it's a lot harder to keep track of the calories ;o) And remember, presentation is KEY!

How delicious do these mini crabcakes look sitting on a slice of lime?!? Dab a little tarter sauce, add a toothpick and make sure you save me 5 or 6 lol.... Source found via finestationary blog

How about mini egg salad sandwiches?!? You could add a long wooden tooth pick and put flag labels that say "onion" and "no onion" or whatever suits the theme! Source: Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Magazine - Spring Issue

Another way to use eggs (remember, they are cheap!) is to fancy up your deviled eggs! Slice the tippy top off, then make another slice and save it... fill the rest of the egg, put the slice back on, little more on top, va-la - now you are alllll fancy! Source: Sandra Lee Semi-homemade magazine

Speaking of low cost options - how stinking clever is this -- can't guess? It's mash potatoes! She set up a mash potato "bar" with all the toppings and served the potatoes in margarita glasses! Genius! Source

I have seen this around a lot lately and I see why because it's amazing - hello! Have you ever seen grilled cheese and tomato soup look so fantastic? You could even keep these on a hot plate to help with temp.  And why not fancy up the grill cheese with specialty cheese and maybe a great focaccia bread! Source