Tuesday, May 4

Airplane Party Theme!

I have seen a lot of great airplane parties lately! Here are some of the best elements...

Use as much of your space to create the theme! Poms as "clouds", airplanes hanging down, cloud fabric as a back drop to really create a whole scene! The whole party was AMAZING!  Source and party

From the same party (told you it was fantastic!) this propeller pops! How dang cute are these dipped marshmallows with melted chocolate propellers and a mini m&m?!? genius! Source and party

Have to serve the food in plastic containers to be "airplane" food! You can put labels on like this with a plane and designation of what type of food is inside.  How about doing a bag of peanuts and mini sodas, too?!? Source and party

Put airplane "luggage" tags on favor bags to simulate luggage.  Create boarding passes, photo ids and even set up the front door as TSA security - have to make sure none of the kids are packing heat rofl... Source

Not cost effective to give every child, but how about just a few to use as serving spoons - you could even line up the chairs like an airplane seating and give each child a lap tray! Make sure to make signs around like seat belt buckle up, exit signs, etc! Source

Paint lines down the middle of the table and put airplanes on it to make it a landing strip! You could even use flags and light sticks around like they use in landing planes! Source

These adorable airplane luggage tags would make a great favor for kids and adults alike! Source

I love these colorful cookies of airplanes then the birthday boy's age with mini airplanes! How yummy?!? Source and party, cookie cutters


  1. Love the red luggage tags with gingham ribbon. Super cute Kim!

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  3. That is one AMAZING party!! (I had to delete above because I misspelled. Sorry!!)

  4. I saw the marshmallow pops.. SO cute! All those other ideas are great too!

  5. Great theme round-up! Love the airplane pops. The propellers are inspired!

  6. Love how they used the Poms for clouds, everything is adorable.

  7. My son would love that theme! Last bday we had a tough time deciding btween an airplane or train themed party.

  8. Hola! Thank you so much for including my party in your party round-up, it was so much fun!

  9. Great ideas! We had a plane themed party for my son. We only had 4 guest, so I splurged and got each child a personalized airplane plate. All the kids loved it. Plus, each child got to take home a new plate with their name on it for their birthday. Here is where I got the plates:


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