Monday, June 21

4th of July (part 1)

Is anyone else excited about 4th of July?!? I love it - well, I love every holiday I get to eat and not exchange presents rofl... here is a start of a few posts I'll do on ways to Frost your 4th!

I thought these were genius! Sparkler holders! How great would these look on your table?!? ...Might just have to make them for my get together! Source found via simplycreativeinsanity blog

Confetti filled balloons would be great for any occasion! Definitely a great alternative to a pinata! Just use a funnel on the end of a balloon to fill the confetti, then blow up, tie off, hang and va-la! Source

Dress your table with red and white striped fabric, blue runner and starfish for a beachy take on a flag! Lose the stripes and use this setup for a beach themed party! Source: Book:  Parties that Wow

I love these cookies - you can make them with red centers and use them as decoders! The easiest way to make these is to cut out the middle with smaller star cutter, then place a piece of clear candy (like jolly rancher) in the middle, it will melt was the cookie bakes, and va-la! Instant adorable treat! Source

I am in LOVE with this cupcake - why? because it's easy! Make red, white and blue frosting and have at it - add a few star sprinkles to the blue and you have a masterpiece! I was also thinking... why not use sugar cookies where the white is and then icing where the red and blue are - then you would have cookies AND cupcake - hello?!? YUM! Source found via cupcakestakethecake