Friday, June 18

Father's Day

Here is the little guy and my man (just picked stepson up for the summer) - first thing D taught him was how to make him coffee in the hotel while he was kicking back rofl.... Hopefully life can settle down now and I can get back to my routines!

In honor of our instant family... today's post is some inspiration for frosting Father's Day!

 How cute is this project?!? She filled empty glass bottles with favorite candies, added a label with his favorite things and decorated a little carrier to match! Great gift idea for anyone!  Source

These lawnmower cupcakes are super cute! Green coconut is a great trick to create "grass" on any themed cupcake, too! Source and tutorial

You could make a cute tie banner for dad too! Source

 These ties would be adorable on dad's favorite beverage! Source and tutorial


  1. Totally forgot until yesterday that this Sunday was Father's Day!

  2. I like the empty bottles filled with candy - you just gave me another gift idea for my hubby!!

  3. LOVE that cupcake and the tie banner! I've got a Dad's Day printable if anyone needs a little keepsake element this year.

  4. Again love it all...that lawnmower is fab...

  5. I LOVE that photo of your little guy making coffee for the big guy. He looks so proud! :)


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