Thursday, June 17

Happy Feet Shameless Plea ;o)

AGH! Just got back from a 48 hr fly and get my (future) stepson from TX and come back to DE - can't wait to get things back on schedule! Thanks for bearing with my weird posting times (and a few missed ones!)  Life should get back on track now!


I have entered my penguin cupcakes (favorite ones I have done) in a contest over at Thoughtfully Simple is holding... if you have a second, please vote here! Plus look around you'll find other great cupcakes for party inspiration (but only vote for mine ;o) heehee

....for those new frosted fans that haven't seen this little guy.... We "adopt" a teacher every Christmas and tell the teacher we are a secret Santa and to give us a list of things they need for the classroom.  We buy as much as we can, make fun cupcakes and then bring everything in to surprise the class.  We LOVE it! I made these little guys with marshmallows for body and tummy, candy corn for the feet, tic tacks for eyes and beak and gummy candy for the head.  I was inspired by this post but wanted to do something more "cartoony"


  1. This cupcake is ridiculously adorable. You can count on my vote!

  2. Very cute! Just voted for you.


  3. Just voted. I just found your blog through your comment and I am in love. How have I not found this site before now?

  4. Just voted... good luck!! Such a cute cupcake and I love the "adopt a teacher" too :)

  5. the pug just voted for the penguin...

  6. Kim, you know I voted for you ;)

  7. This is so darling! Hopping on over to vote for you!

  8. thanks for luvin on my penguin guy!

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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