Monday, June 28

Messages - Frosted Style...

Ok, not exactlllllyyyyyy a party theme, but Frosted none-the-less! I love the idea of doing special messages to your loved ones! I remember as a kid getting little paper notes from my mom in my lunch bag sometimes...

... here are a few cool ways to Frost your next message!

These lunch box cards are adorable! They have "did you know" as well as a positive message on one side.  Source

You can find a lot of fun cookie stamps these days, even ones that you can write your own message! How fun would that be to open up a cookie that says "I love you", "Happy Bday", "Good Job" or "thank you", etc. ?!? Source, cookie letter stamps

How sweet is this? Remove the tag to a tea bag and make a little envelope and attach.  Write a special little note inside! If you are doing a tea party, write a fortune or something funny about the bday girl! Source

Make your own scratch off cards! You could use this idea for just about any party or just to send a special message.  Source and tutorial

You know those magnetic words that you can make messages out of?  Why not do it in cookies! You could make a great message and put it in a decorated box, let someone figure out the message, then eat it! lol make sure to use edible markersSource and tutorial