Monday, July 26

be back tomorrow!

ugh! I have been on the bad luck train! Been stranded for hours over a stupid car battery! Volkswagon I curse you!  I'll be back tomorrow!

...but for now, go give some love to one of my blog bff's Pam @ Party Starters - she threw this amazing fairy party for her daughter this weekend!


  1. oh dear...what a way to start the week...been there and feel for you...have a good nite and tomorrow will bring sunshine and lots of "frosting" to make your day sweeter... :)

  2. Car troubles are a dud! A couple of weeks ago my son's VW died(suddenly) in the fast lane of the freeway in L.A.! Yikes! Thank goodness two policeman showed up, stopped traffic on all four lanes and pushed him off the freeway:)

  3. Sorry to hear that Kim...but I love Volkswagens...then again, they are so expensive to fix. My first car was a Bug, followed by a Cabriolet, then a Jetta. Now I have a Ford (I blame it on the kiddos).

  4. Hope things are better now! I can't agree with Jessica on Volkswagons! I owned a Jetta and got stranded because I couldn't get the care out of reverse! Something with the "brake switch" Then had to get new brakes within 2 years....I am not a fan!! Good luck with the car!

    Karen @


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