Wednesday, July 7

Did you know?

I get so many fantastic comments and questions from you all (thank you - hugs!)...but when I try and write back a lot of you don't have email addresses assigned to your profiles :o(

I figured I would pass along a quick instruction on how to add (if you feel comfortable) your email address to your profile! Another trick is to create an email address that you use just for blogging (that's what I do!) - most email programs even let you forward them to your regular account saving you having to check both!  This way when you leave a comment or question, the blog owner can hit reply and answer you back!

Go to your Blogger profile and click on "edit profile"

Then... scroll down to you see where it says your username and email address... just update with whatever address you feel comfortable using, and you are done!

Another tip... if your blog roll is getting long, try using Google Reader - a tool that keeps all the blogs you follow and only shows you what posts you haven't read since the last time you logged in! You never have to visit each blog to figure out what new posts there are! (I LOVE mine!).  Here are some instructions I made to help get started - instructions