Tuesday, February 16

Never know when a blog has a new post?

A really sweet follower and I were chatting and she mentioned that she didn't know how to tell if a blog has new content. For those that already use a reader - you know the joy! So ignore this post and go friend "Frost Me" on Facebook ;o) and I'll post something fun later today ;o) For those that don't....

Let me introduce you to Google Reader. Google Reader allows you to add as many blogs as you want - when you log into it, you'll only see what blog posts you haven't read yet! Hello!?!!? new bff, right? So those that need visuals (I know I do!) Here is some friendly help....

First go to: Google Reader's Site

If you have a gmail account, just sign in -
If not, click on "create an account" and follow easy instructions to setup. Once done, then return to the link above and sign in

Then start shaving hours off your blog surfing! lol

You want to click on "add a subscription" and just paste/enter in the url (mine first! lol http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com) into it and now it will be there forever!

Now just log into Reader when you want your blog fixes and "all items" will show all the posts you haven't read since the last time you logged in on EVERY blog you have put in there! No more checking every blog! As you scroll thru, you'll see the "all items" number go down, it automatically counts down as you read. There are a lot of other features, but this will get you started!

Hope this helps!