Tuesday, July 13

Initial Inspiration!

One way to personalize a party is to add someone's initials to the decor! Think about how you can adapt these ideas to help Frost your next party!

First, I would LOVE to have double doors! But I think this would look fantastic even on a solid door! Cut the initial out of styrofoam, cover in moss (or item of your choice) and instant personalizing! Source

This gorgeous initial is made out of flower petals! It might be shown for a wedding, but how beautiful for a baby shower (maybe even use feathers!) or just to make a bday boy/girl feel extra special! You could even write their age instead! Source

Use styrofoam and carnations to create a beautiful focal point either around the house or on the buffet table! For a candy theme, try dum-dums or car theme use tiny tires - get creative! Source

This adorable teacher's gift would also be perfect for a art themed party too! Source unknown :o(

How about something as simple as adding an initial to inexpensive favor bags?!? A great way to personal for each guest! Source