Thursday, July 15

Western Theme

AGHGHAGHGH!!! We got one week notice that my (future) in-laws are coming for 3 days - have never met them and the house has SOOO much to be done! No time for even party stuff GASP!

Here's a quick post for a Western Theme (check out previous cowboy, cowgirl and bandanna posts too!) ... then back to cleaning!!!

 Use jean pockets with a bandanna folded in as your invite "envelope"! Source found via designdazzle

Set the mood with clusters of items that fit your theme.  I LOVE the photo banner too! Source

Get creative with hay stacks! Use them with an old door to create a fantastic buffet table! You can also use them as benches with a quilt/blanket on top to make the seat more comfy (a.k.a. no getting poked in the rear with hay! lol) Source

Tie a piece of bandanna to your water bottle... even throw on a mini straw or cowboy hat! Source

Ok, how fantastic is this cake!?! Not only did she make the outside a perfect cactus, she marbled the cake inside too! genius! Source