Thursday, July 15

Western Theme

AGHGHAGHGH!!! We got one week notice that my (future) in-laws are coming for 3 days - have never met them and the house has SOOO much to be done! No time for even party stuff GASP!

Here's a quick post for a Western Theme (check out previous cowboy, cowgirl and bandanna posts too!) ... then back to cleaning!!!

 Use jean pockets with a bandanna folded in as your invite "envelope"! Source found via designdazzle

Set the mood with clusters of items that fit your theme.  I LOVE the photo banner too! Source

Get creative with hay stacks! Use them with an old door to create a fantastic buffet table! You can also use them as benches with a quilt/blanket on top to make the seat more comfy (a.k.a. no getting poked in the rear with hay! lol) Source

Tie a piece of bandanna to your water bottle... even throw on a mini straw or cowboy hat! Source

Ok, how fantastic is this cake!?! Not only did she make the outside a perfect cactus, she marbled the cake inside too! genius! Source


  1. WOOHOO.. my biggins are having a cowboy/girl party in FEB.. already looking for ideas.. LOVE the cactus.. think I will have to do mini ones!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love the cake and the water bottles are too much! :)

    Karen @

  3. While I love this post..the cactus cake is great - but what I can't wait to hear about is the in law visit!! :)

  4. I love using jean pockets! They also work great as napkin/silverware holders!

  5. Estamos super felizes por ver nossa produção em um site tão legal e sempre com dicas lindas de decoração para festas !!!
    Tank you very much!!!

    Alice Corrêa
    Coisas de Alice

  6. Thanks for all the blog luv ladies! I survived the in-laws! Now only 7 more days of surviving the stepson heehee

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  7. Oh my GOSH, I am constantly amazed by all the stinking cute things you find out there for each theme....I can't allow myself to visit your blog anymore or I'll run out of money, time, and sanity trying out all this precious ideas...whatever....I'll be back tomorrow. ;o)

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