Wednesday, July 21

Party Dessert Ideas!

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Since I may or may not have just shoved a chocolate doughnut down my throat after dunking in milk... I figured I would continue the indulgence and post some chocolate dessert ideas for any party! (check out past dessert ideas, too!)

How fantastic do these banana bites look!?! Great way to offer a variety of options! Dip slices of bananas in chocolate and then get creative! Crushed oreos, nuts, coconut, etc.  yum! Source

Why not go with a conversation piece!?! I LOVE sweet and salty together - so why not this chocolate cupcake with a chocolate covered potato chip?!? The chips would look beautiful just by themselves! Source

I heart these! What a great take on rice crispy pops! She put the chocolate in the middle like a sandwich instead of dipping and how fantastic are the little flags on the popsicle sticks?!? Source

How adorable are these little chocolate covered in chocolate in individual little cardboard covers?!? I so want to make a thousand of these! They would be great for parties, but also as a hostess gift! Source

Don't forget how pieces of chocolate added to a dessert can take it from simple to fabulous! Just make a design on wax paper, put in freezer - and va-la! Try printing out a shape on the computer and putting wax paper over and just trace - so easy! Source


  1. Ok, I'm seriously having a need for anything chocolate right now! I love chocolate covered potato chips. I make them every Christmas!

  2. DUUUUDE!!! U trying to kill me?! And here I just added your button to my blog!!! lmao
    FABBBB post! =)

  3. I agree with Genevieve...chocolate overload - but a delicious way to go :)

  4. We love the chocolate covered bananas! My girl each have their signature banana flavors! One likes to dip in chocolate then roll in pecans; the other one likes to roll in peanut butter then dip in chocolate! YUMMM

  5. These all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing, but now I would have to say I would really like one of each for breakfast!


  6. If I had bananas and oreos in the house right now....I would be making Banana Bites! OMG they look good.

    Karen @

  7. I love the potato chip cupcake! they look like they would be perfect in the fall!

  8. Kim, these are wonderful finds! I'm gonna have to re-post a few. :)


  9. Love these!!! I'll have to try the chocolate decor for my 30th!! Definitely a good excuse to play with chocolate treats. :)


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