Saturday, July 10

Shopping Saturday!

For those new Frosted Fans... Every Sat I post finds from local stores (but national chains) that may help you stock up for your next party. I try and keep a rolling 2 months in the link on the right "Frosting at Local Stores"

Target's new plastic ware! I am always interesting in what they will come up with.  I really love the bird one! They have matching cups, bowls and even metal bins!

Found: Target
Section: Kitchenware end cap
Price: $1.99 - $9.99

Great for a bowling themed party! Either the kids can play with it or you could use them as decorations - maybe even throw in a game of wii bowling too!

Found: Target
Section: Summer/seasonal
Price: $6.99

There are tons of Toy Story items out, but I found these parachute men in the party section that would be perfect for Toy Story 3 for when they were breaking out of daycare!

Found: Target
Section: Party favors
Price:  $2.99

I love all the unpainted stuff you can find these days... these cardboard books would be perfect for a Book Club or Harry Potter party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Unpainted
Price: $3.99

Kinda hard to see but I had to share! Hard to believe but FALL is here! ok, well at least in the stores! The are clear plastic shapes of pumpkins, acorns and even a bag of ghosts!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: End cap by flowers
Price: $3.99


  1. What you really like the bird plates! not you ;) Go figure ha ha LOL.

  2. Bird plate will give me nightmares tonight..LOL!
    LOVE anything unfinished in kraft or chipboard. Excellent finds.

  3. Excellent...I'm of doing a Toy Story 3 party for my son in October...those soldiers are a great idea:)


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