Friday, August 20

Apple party ideas!

I love including fruit and veggies into any party decor - inexpensive, colorful and yummy! Why not do an apple themed party? Would be fun to have everyone go to an orchard and pick apples, come back to a fun setup with some of these dabs of frosting...

Think of unique ways to incorporate! I love how they just set them under glass! You could find the round glass at stores like Wal-mart & Target by the table linens.  Source found via barefootbird blog

Cut them up and use them in an apple martini or apple cider mix - use a few whole apples around as decoration.  Source and recipe (slide 15)

I found this apple and flower centerpiece to be gorgeous! You could have to use skewers into styrofoam to hold them in, but wow! Source

Totally on my list to buy now... apple candle carver! hello?!? fantastic! Such an inexpensive way to add such character! Source

I HAVE to put a candied apples on this post! I think these are EXTRA fab! The packaging totally makes this great! - how fantastic are those little flags? - Just craft paper with stickers - any one can do it! Source


  1. This party idea has my number for sure. Thanks for posting!

  2. Totally love those caramel apples! I am an apple freak. Everything in my house is apple scented:)

  3. Great ideas, Kim! My son turns 5 at the end of October...these are fabulous ways to host a fall-themed party :)

  4. this is perfect! I offered to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. I've been looking for ways to decorate (besides pumpkins)..apples would be great!!

  5. Ooooh, I love them all! Gets me in the mood for Fall.

  6. Great stuff. Growing up, my BF's mom made these awesome green apple cone topiaries to flank their front door during the holidays. Old and new all at once - very Colonial Williamsburg.

  7. Thank you for the Inspiration. I have been working on an Apple Themed 1st Birthday Party and have found in my searches how unique this idea is. Love the ideas, thank you

  8. Oh I totally love these apple ideas. So great.

  9. that is ideal! I agreed to have The thanksgiving holiday in home this season. I am looking for ways to decorate (besides pumpkins)..oranges can be wonderful!!
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