Saturday, August 21

Shopping Saturday!

Here are this week's party ideas at local (but national) chains!

Not sure how I missed these before clearance, but these are perfect for a Circus themed party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Clearance
Price: $2.99

Loving the darkness theme of Halloween these year! sppooookkkyyy! These busts would be great on a buffet table or even as a cake topper at your Halloween bash!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Halloween
Price: $1.99

HUGE contrast to Halloween, Christmas at Michael's seems to be a glitter explosion (wink - Kristy ;o)  These are WAY too much for me for Christmas - but what about a Marti Gras or Birds of a feather theme?

Found:  Michael's Craft Store
Section: Christmas
Price: $0.99

I am an avid baker, but sometimes you have to give it up for premade cookie dough! Especially when it has cute little buses!!! How fun for your Back-to-school bash?!?

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Refrigerated groceries
Price: (wasn't marked, our store frustrates us lol)

All kinds of printed paper bags - not only good for bagged lunches, but also for use at your themed parties! You could have the kids color with markers and use them as loot or favor bags.

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: School end cap
Price: $1

Great collection of little items to use for your Asian themed party! Elephants, dragons, little notepads and purses!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar Bins
Price: $1

Who doesn't love Pooh! Tons of different items for your Winnie the Pooh themed party! Wipe-off boards that would work as buffet signs, notepads and other trinkets great for favors!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar Bins
Price: $1