Monday, August 9

Mad Scientist Party Theme

After having my stepson for the summer, we are pretty over science experiments lol - he's 8 and his favorite thing to do was at least one experiment a day! This would be the perfect theme for his bday!

(see older - but still fresh! - frosting on this theme too!)

How fun would it be to use this as a lab coat invite?  You could put each kid's name on a drawn "patch" and list something creative about the party details inside! Maybe even attach a pair of rubber gloves! Source

Create bio-hazard decorations using spiky balls and bio-hazard symbols! Source and purchase

Create lab coats for each kid using old shirts! Don't forget to add a name tag, too! Source and tutorial

Create fun table settings using test tubes, personalized clip boards, scientist tools (sponges, magnifying glasses, syringe, etc) all on a metal tray - they will feel so official! Source found via attentiontodetail blog

Don't forget to set up plenty of science (kid safe!) experiments like this simple color changing one! Source 

And you have to have sweets! So why not make these fun science inspired cookies! Source  Cookie cutters here (link)