Saturday, August 7

Shopping Saturday!

I finally got to shop this week! Not terrible much, but at least I got some window shopping in!

These adorable pails would be perfect for silverware, favors, etc!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar Bins
Price: $1

Use locker stands for buffet or cupcake stands!

Found: Target
Section: School section
Price: $4.99

Also look for other school supplies to use for your parties! These Alice and Wonderland items would be perfect for favors, especially near back to school time!

Found: Walmart
Section: School Supply
Price: vary

Clear plastic party ware on clearance! Now's the time to stock up for your outdoor parties!

Found: Walmart
Section: Clearance
Price: $0.50 - $1.00

This weekend it's free entry to Sam's clubs! Thought these were priced so reasonable you could add them to your cowboy/girl party!

Found: Sam's Club
Section: Toys
Price: $39.98

Thought these shark items were done so well! Not too cute, not too scary for your shark or underwater theme!

Found: Borders Books
Section: Gifts
Price: vary

I was peeping this a while back at Pier 1! Beehive Beverage Dispenser great for drinks at your Pooh, garden or bee theme!

Found: Kitchen & Company
Section: Middle aisle
Price: $19.99

Favors or props at your carnival theme party! (thanks Brittanie @ cupcakeskissesncrumbs )

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1