Wednesday, September 8

50s rock & roll party theme!

I wanted to share a few Frosting tips for a 50s rock & roll party theme! These are from part of a Frosting Kit I did a while back!

You have to set up an old fashion ice cream and soda bar! I've seen these old style ice cream dishes in the dollar store (score!) Add some old fashion style buffet cards and you have one nostalgic dessert setup! Source

Print out singers from that time period and put in inexpensive frames (again think dollar store!) Put them around the party area and watch people reminisce about their favorite songs! Source unknown

You have to do these for the photo booth! What is the 50s without horn-rimmed glasses?!? Super cute! Source and tutorial

Use records everywhere you can... placemats, hanging, or even shape them into bowls (instructions)!

This is the PERFECT collection of cookies for the theme! Everything 50s you immediately think of! Source