Wednesday, September 8

Yellow theme party ideas!

It rained here today so here is a little sunshine!

I love parties of one color - you can really make an impact! A special thing they did here that I love is use black & white photos of the bday boy and added yellow mats to match! If you click to enlarge, you will see the middle pic is b&w except a yellow paper mustache! I love it! Source

I am also a strong advocate of decorating with fruit and veggies! Break out the lemons for this party! I love that there are lemons as the runner AND lemon trees surrounding! Source

Also look for ways to do just hints of your color theme.  Painting/decals/stickers on glass for your menu board would be such an unexpected detail! You can even write with a paint pen or dry erase and clean it off and use it again! Source

Don't forget to do matching desserts! Candy or these cake balls would be the perfect choice! I love the little yellow ribbons - great touch! Remember you can use all different shades of your color - it adds dimension and interest! Source

Jars full of matching candy with huge bows would leave any guest feeling happy! I love gifts that are functional and edible! best of both worlds! Source


  1. Love it Kim!! I have never done a party of one color and not HAVE to!

  2. This is just beautiful! Yellow is my favorite color!
    Tks for sharing!

  3. I love yellow - for Syd's 1st bday I did yellow and white daisy themes...super cute!

  4. what a fun theme!! Love the favors with the big bows!!

  5. LOVE that menu on the glass...Outstanding!

  6. I love yellow - its's such a fun color. And I agree, using lemons is a great way to decorate and save money! Cheaper than flowers :)


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