Thursday, September 30

Angel Themed Baby Shower/Christening ideas/inspiration

We are looking out the window waiting to see animals marching two by two up the ark! Are you guys getting drowned by this rain too?!?

Here are some ways to Frost an angel theme baby shower or christening!

Start with a beautiful angel wing invite! I love the extra Frosted touch of feathers! Source

Use LOTS of feathers! Do a colored feather if you know the gender of the baby.  Feather centerpieces AND feather placemats AND a feather on each placecard?!? swoon! Source found via http://pisforparty.

Use triangle boxes with angel wings, add the baby's initial and you have a fantastic favor! Source

A feather wishy ball! How beautiful would these be around the party?!? Source

Ok, not quite right... but you get the idea! if you added feathers to the top of the banner and kept the scalloped edges - it would be perfect! (oh first comes marriage then comes the baby carriage, right?!?) Source