Wednesday, September 22

Construction party ideas/inspiration

What little boy doesn't love digging and playing with tools?!? ... well, maybe girls too ;o) I have a tool shop that would make most men jealous ;o)

Here are some ideas to add some frosting to your construction theme party!

This tabletop is so cute! "dirt" and chocolate cupcakes are the perfect addition to all the construction vehicles! I like the tools on the banner too! Source

Set up dig stations! How fun would that be! Messy... so take it outside or put down a shower curtain to help with spills! Source
Make little lunch boxes for each kid! this would be the perfect way to serve lunch for the kids at the party - you could even include stickers to let them decorate them! Source

Toolboxes out of altoid tins! So clever and stinking adorable! What a great favor for each kid! Source

Super cute set of cookie inspiration! I think the wood glue is my fav! Source


  1. love this theme! i have done a few parties for it, so fun!

  2. ok..those altoid toolboxes??? I would plan a party just to make those!!!!

  3. Love the lunchboxes, but the little red toolboxes are one of the cutest things I've ever seen! How do people come up with these ideas? :)

  4. Love the cookies! I can't even think about eating them!

  5. great idea for dig stations and love the cookie tools!

  6. My boys would LOVE a construction party! Great ideas for inspiration! :)

  7. Where did you purchase the yellow digger napkins! Too cute! I must have!

    1. hi there! Not sure what yellow napkins you are referring to? sorry! Each picture has an original source - perhaps you can check with the original source?

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  8. i would love to find out where to find the banner letters made from tools!!

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