Thursday, September 23

Frog party ideas/inspiration!

A great gender neutral theme - Frogs! We have a large pond in our backyard and we have tons of different kinds of frogs! My stepson and fiance's fav thing to do is go out at night with flashlights and go "frog hunting" to see if they can find a new kind - it's so cute!

Super cute frog setup! Lots of great elements to learn from for any party! - Fabric as a backdrop, great poms!, Book as inspiration & center stage and fun contrasting colors! Source

Find cute ways to incorporate your frogs! A little one added to each party hat looks so adorable! And play with color! Source

These crack me up! Frog party blowers!!! Easy to make and fun for the kids! I can just see pics of the kids with these in their mouths lol! Source

You HAVE to have gummy frogs! totally not a party thought - but I am so fond of these because our german teacher used to give us these as special prizes ;o)

how about this little guy on a lily pad!?! Frog sherbet! Source and tutorial

If you aren't smiling, there is something wrong with you! lol... this cake totally puts a grin on my face!!! Perfect cake for this party! Source