Friday, September 24

Rainbow party ideas/inspiration

Infusing color into any party is fun - and taking it all the way to rainbow is extra fun! (here is some older, but still fresh frosting for rainbows too!)

Adorable table setup for "good night moon" but I thought minus the cake - you have a great inspiration for a rainbow theme! What great use of color! The streamer background is such an inexpensive option and looks great! Doing a muted background really lets the color on the table shine! Source found via savethedateforcupcakes blog

Why not add a little ribbon and contrasting straw to each drink? You could even add a third color by rimming the glasses with sugar! yum! Source

Have you seen this one?  What a way to fill space! Rainbow paper used as hanging streamers - super fun! Source

Curly ribbon wreaths ROCK! Go wild with the colors! What a great way to welcome your guests too! Source found via everydaycelebrating blog

Who doesn't love a dipped oreo?!? So why not dip them in different colors and va-la! Instant rainbow of chocolate cookie heaven! Source

...and finally, add a little something to your rainbow on the inside cake by adding colored twizzlers to the outside! Slice a small little piece to create "flowers"... so clever! Source