Friday, September 24

Rainbow party ideas/inspiration

Infusing color into any party is fun - and taking it all the way to rainbow is extra fun! (here is some older, but still fresh frosting for rainbows too!)

Adorable table setup for "good night moon" but I thought minus the cake - you have a great inspiration for a rainbow theme! What great use of color! The streamer background is such an inexpensive option and looks great! Doing a muted background really lets the color on the table shine! Source found via savethedateforcupcakes blog

Why not add a little ribbon and contrasting straw to each drink? You could even add a third color by rimming the glasses with sugar! yum! Source

Have you seen this one?  What a way to fill space! Rainbow paper used as hanging streamers - super fun! Source

Curly ribbon wreaths ROCK! Go wild with the colors! What a great way to welcome your guests too! Source found via everydaycelebrating blog

Who doesn't love a dipped oreo?!? So why not dip them in different colors and va-la! Instant rainbow of chocolate cookie heaven! Source

...and finally, add a little something to your rainbow on the inside cake by adding colored twizzlers to the outside! Slice a small little piece to create "flowers"... so clever! Source


  1. I'm so tickled to see my rainbow cake up there! Thanks for featuring it! Frost Me is one of the best blogs for rainbow party ideas - I know that from experience. Thanks for providing an endless supply of inspiration!

  2. Love it all...digging the curly ribbon wreath!

  3. I love the rainbow cake and rainbow oreo cookies! So fresh and pretty!


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