Monday, September 13

Princess/Ballerina Party Ideas and Inspiration!

Who doesn't love a Princess/Ballerina party! (here are some previous princess Frosting tips!)   ... and don't forget to leave your fav party link on yesterday's post!

This adorable little setup shows how making small little clusters of items can make a huge impact for your party! You probably already have something similar to all of these items if you have a girl! Source

Just found this one from the links! - how stinkin' clever! Tutus around the bottom of the cupcake towers? - genius!!! Source

Forget tissue paper poms! you need tulle poms for this party! Source and tutorial

Have lots of pink around! These dipped marshmallows with white tips would love fantastic on a pink dessert table! Source

 ...and top off the dessert buffet with these flashy princess cupcakes! I love the little crowns on top (but make sure they don't eat them!) Source


  1. Did you do this JUST FOR ME!? I love it! Oh, and I'm so doing those little cute are they? (and economical!) LOVE IT!

  2. I will hide this from Miss Waverly because she's been begging me for a princess party this fall (even though her birthday was in June!)

  3. Absolutely beautiful, I am thinking of a Ballerina theme for my daughter next year, I love the cupcakes!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. WOW! I love the tutu around the cupcakes! I make them every year for Annas class! Where were you when I needed a cute idea last year?? LOL! Just kidding! Thanks for this one!!!

  5. These are just too adorable!!


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