Tuesday, September 14

Purple party theme inspiration!

This one is dedicated to Kristy - a.k.a the Purple Pug - lover of all things purple and glittery ;o)

Kind of digging on the color themed parties lately... here is some inspiration for a purple theme... change the color and Frost any event!

Hello?!? Coffee and tea bar?!? Count me in!!! Doesn't matter the color! I love the fun containers, hanging vases - and have never seen a paper chain look so cute! Source found via savethedateforcupcakes blog

Use lavender and twine with with wire (available local craft stores) to create letters to hang above your party table! So adorable! Source

Soap is always a great favor! This lavender topped soap looks good enough to eat! And if you don't want to do as a favor, make sure you put some at the sinks in the house for your guests to use! Source

already on my to try list... homemade marshmallows! you can make them in any color but the lavender really is beautiful! My to do is coffee flavored - not the best flavor for purple, of course, but YUM! Source

Have you seen chocolate covered apples look so good? And the little flags are pulling at my heart! So adorable! Source found via pizzazzerie.com


  1. Seriously those purple apples look WAY too pretty to eat...holy moly!

  2. I love feature day inspired by a bloggy friend!! Okay those apples are KILLER!!

  3. Purple apples and decorating with twine = the perfect shout-out to the queen of purple perfection - Kristy at The Purple Pug!

  4. Count me in too for the coffee and tea bar :)

  5. the apples are great but the purple marshmallows..come on!! Love it!

  6. Love purple - so pretty! Saw your feature on FB and I was hooked!

  7. Kim,
    thanks so much for including my in your line-up, a friend even phoned to make sure I saw it ;)
    Dannyelle at www.lifeisaparty.ca

  8. Love the "bebe" hanging over the table and the lavender apples!

  9. apples were my favorite too ladies! happy almost TGIF!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!


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