Saturday, September 25

Shopping Saturday!

Here are this week's local finds to help inspire you to pick up some Frosting for your next event!

Have a Super Mario party soon? Pick up these little guys! Set them up on your food buffet and your son can have them to play with after the party!

Found: Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Section: Games
Price: $8.95 each

Use these pumpkin pieces to top a cake for your Spiderman or Cookie Monster theme party!

Section: Halloween
Price: $6.00

LOVE bins! They work for food, utensils, napkins, etc. Pick up these red metal bins before they are gone!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar bin area
Price: $2.50

Animal print items - labels, favors, tissues, pencils, etc.  Use for your zoo or safari theme party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Dollar bins
Price: $1.00

These rustic wagons would be so perfect to stuff for favors or use on the buffet for a pumpkin or apple picking party or any rustic theme!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Specialty/Seasonal
Price: $9.99

Look for ways to use Halloween elsewhere - eye balls - put in a jar with clear jello for a Mad Scientist party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Halloween
Price: $2.99 (I think heehee)

Another Halloween item to tuck away for later... bloody hand prints for your CSI themed party!

Found: Micheal's Craft Store
Section: Halloween 
Price: (unmarked)


  1. You have such great taste Kim! I picked up those red tins from Target this week. I need to go back to get some more I think! I liked the silver ones too. You could take calkboard paint and paint a rectangle section to label the container.

  2. I am addicted to your Shopping Saturday feature!! I love it! I always check on Sunday morning during my "quiet/peaceful time" before the kids wake up. :) Just wanted to say thanks for making my Sunday mornings!

  3. you are a girl after my own heart! I love love target 1.00 bins! I'm always shopping ahead for that maybe party.. for ex: my daughter loves Fancy Nancy and I can only assume we will have between 5 yr party and 3rd grade she will want to have a Fancy Nancy party. So what did I see Friday night in Target's 1.00 bin? A whole collection of fancy nancy supplies! Guess, what I stocked up on? - another bag of stuff to hide from my husband! LOL - love all your ideas! So cute! ;)

  4. Love Mario!!!! You just took me back on this lazy and very rainy Monday. Thanks Kim!

  5. you guys are so sweet! thanks for the blog luv! Can't wait to post again in 2 days!

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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