Wednesday, October 20


Ok... I promised FIVE announcements! but I actually have SIX... here they are!

1. I have finished my final draft of my thesis for my Master's! it's been keeping me away from all the fun party stuff - so I'm back!!!
2. Happy Birthday to me! (tomorrow! 10/21 I'll be 34 - gasp!)
3. Happy 1st Birthday Frost Me! (ok, a few weeks late, but who's counting?)

ok... on to the REALLY important ones!

4. I am getting married next year!!! documenting our DIY wedding on a new blog - so if you want to follow... click here!

5.   Frost Me! will now be Party Frosting!
(starting Friday)
When I started Frost Me! my fiance' gave me the name 'cause I wanted to blog about icing on everything, but as soon as I actually started, I realized that I heart party planning too much.... so.... I have struggled with keeping the name, but Party Frosting is so much more fitting! Don't worry, Frost Me! will still direct Party Frosting!

To celebrate all these great things, I am going to be hosting a fantastic multiple giveaway tomorrow! Lots of great things from lots of talented women so don't forget to check in tomorrow!!!

Lastly... I just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making hosting Frost Me! so much fun! You all have been so fantastic and supportive and have really enriched my life! I can't wait to take Party Frosting! to the next level! Stay tuned... this year is going to be fantastic! (now that I don't have school!!!)