Tuesday, October 5

Candy Party ideas/inspiration

Candy themes are always a good "go to" when you are not sure what to do... because what kid (or grownup) wouldn't love a room full of candy! What's your favorite candy? I'd have to go with reeces pieces yum!!!

Don't forget to peek at older (but still fresh!) Frosting tips for candy themes - here!

Over-stuff a table full of candy and watch how all the color just pops! Use baskets and stands to help create different height and dimension to your setup! Don't forget to give each kid a bag or basket to fill to take home! Source found via bellagrace partydesigns

Take each candy and figure out the best way to serve... these candy dots look amazing out of the package, stacked on top of each other - small effort, but great impact! Source

These lollis are the perfect garland! Just tied on a simple string and hung  -or you could drape around the table, etc.  Perfect for a rainbow themed party, as well! Source found via dognbird

Talk about a sweet tooth! No cake, just candy! Great alternative to doing a cake! Source

If you can't live without some cake, then how about these cupcakes?!? I LOVE the base dipped and covered in sprinkles! The two-toned icing makes it so much fun and of course, top them off with even more candy! Source