Friday, October 8

Mini bites...Desserts ideas/inspiration

yummiest way to Frost your next event is with some fancy looking mini desserts! yum! Look here for older (but still fresh!) frosting tips for desserts

omg, hello?!? can you say genius? Little mini banana splits! Sliced banana, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, topped with whipped cream and cherries! serve with a bowl of ice cream and you can count me in! Source

Another great dipped in chocolate and add sprinkle idea... cut up pound cake on a lollipop stick! Great way to take a store bought item and dress it up and take all the credit (genius Leland!) Source

swoon....oreo heaven! I love all the cupcakes on a stick lately! Oreo, topped with mini cupcake, topped with a mini orea - glass of milk please!!! (p.s. cover styrofoam or floral foam and stick them in to serve) Source

Shows how simple can look incredible! Mini milkshake, piece of brownie served on an appetizer plate with a sprig of mint and bright red straw - ordinary displayed extraordinary! Source