Saturday, October 9

Shopping Saturday!

Here are my local finds to help you stash away for your next party!

Love W&S pie molds! (I have a few!) This new apple one will be perfect for any apple picking, fall themed, snow white school party, etc.

Found: Williams & Sonoma
Section: Seasonal
Price: $9.99

Good 'ol dollar bins! Peanuts themed party please! Who doesn't love snoopy!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar bins
Price: $1

Plush soccer balls! Great decorations and favors for a soccer or sports themed party!

Found: Ikea
Section: Near registers
Price: $3.99

ok... you are thinking candle holder boring... I was thinking - cupcake dish! Perfect size to serve a single cupcake! Use glass paint and stamps and personalize the bottom! Or... even have the kids personalize them and then serve them up!

Found: Ikea
Section: Candles
Price: $1.99/6 pack

You say draw pull... I say spray paint and use them in your decorations for your Mickey Mouse themed party!

Found: Ikea
Section: by registers
Price: $3.99/4 pack

For those gamers out there (and I ain't talking PS3 lol) how about these new Cheez-its for your next game or Scrabble themed party!

Found: Walmart
Section: Grocery
Price: $2.50


  1. great finds (as usual)...I love the Ikea candle holders!!
    And we love the Scrabble cheez-its around here :)

  2. How do you think of these things! I really love this blog!!!

  3. Wow! Love all the out of the box inspiration!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE the cupcake plates! What a fabulous idea!!!!!!!!!! I need to take a trip to IKEA! Love it. You're so clever!

  5. I bought those Cheeze Its!
    I think Ikea is going to be on my errand list this week :)

  6. you guys always know how to make me feel good! Thanks for all the blog luv!!! Hope you are out shopping and enjoying your weekend!

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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