Friday, October 15

More Halloween ideas/inspiration: Witches!

I can't help myself!!! I have to give ya more Halloween! It's coming up so fast!

Witches... (p.s. don't forget to save these for your Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter themes!)

Trick or Treat smell my feet... here's a little treat to eat! I LOVE IT! What a fantastic idea to give to your coworkers, neighbors, teachers, etc - so cute! Mason jar is filled with ingredients for Halloween S'more bars... don't worry about cheating - buy boxed desserts, pour in and hide the box ;o)  Source and tutorial

Witch boot filled with chocolate covered pretzels... so fun! I think it is made with a just a toilet paper or paper towel roll! source and tutorial

Witch cauldrons - now THIS is clever! Cupcakes, chocolate and pretzels - easy to tackle! Source and tutorial

Can't do witches without a witch hat! These a thin cookies you roll before they cool - what a fun ice cream sandwich! You could throw them on top of a sundae, cupcake or cheesecake too - witch hats do not discriminate against great desserts! Source and tutorial

Last component... her broom! Every day candies and a pretzel rod make up this awesome broom! Source and tutorial

...I'm not a witch, I'm your wife! ...heehee... sorry had to put the Princess Bride quote on here...


  1. Amada, pena aqui nao se comemora o Hallowen se nao ia ser bem divertido ..adoro seu blog ..beijos

  2. WOW - thank you for the great cauldron link - I have to do that for my party next week! Wonderful! I love you blog!


  3. I love these! Absolutely adore the witches feet! You know I am a Halloween nut!

  4. Thanks for linking up to my Trick or Treat Smell my Feet!

  5. OOH! I have a feeling that little witchie shoe might be turning into a cut file soon! Thanks Kim!

  6. Thanks for this fantastic ideas!

    It`s work is beautiful!!

    Started chocolate site SHOKO BY

  7. Love the adorable Halloween projects. Thanks for sharing the links! Here's the one for the witches boots filled w/pretzels..

    1. Shari - you are the best! Thanks so much! I updated with the link! hugs!

      Kim @ Party Frosting!


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