Thursday, October 14

Happy National Dessert Day - Halloween Style!

Hello?!? Thank you to whomever made it National Dessert Day - now I don't have to make up an excuse for one day why I am eating chocolate cake! ;o)

We are going to celebrate National Dessert Day in Halloween style! ...

 Yummy caramel toffee fruit dip! How fun is this?!? Served in a pumpkin with Halloween shaped cinnamon chips! Change the shapes and serve at Thanksgiving too! Source and tutorial

Use your gingerbread cookie cutters for these cute mummy cookies! Source and tutorial

Candy corn inspired icing with a single candy corn on top! Source and tutorial

Where healthy meets yummy... melted frosting covered "ghost" pears! Source and tutorial

Creepy brain cupcakes! (great for a mad scientist party too!)  Source and tutorial