Friday, November 12

Charlotte's Web Party or Baby Shower Ideas/Inspiration!

by request... here are some ways to add a little Frosting to a Charlotte's Web baby shower or party! (p.s. I am a SUCKER for parties based on books!)

Set the scene for your farm based party with these adorable invites! Have the barn door open to reveal the details! Make sure to incorporate a barn feel with haystacks, animals, etc. Source

Serve up the food in "feed bags" (from a remote party I did a million years ago - had no supplies - burlap stapled, then turn inside out, marker and bandannas to line!)

These little "egg" pigs would make the perfect Wilbur! Source and tutorial

Have to have Charlotte, the spider that saves Wilbur! Take these Halloween spiders, add googly eyes to make more "friendly" - hang them down over your buffet space!  Source and tutorial

Use "cobweb writing" for signs and buffet cards around the party! Make them on the computer, print them out on transparencies and you could cut and hang them from the ceiling with string, too! Source

Cupcake "cake" of Charlotte and Wilbur to celebrate! Source