Monday, November 8

Harry Potter Party Ideas/Inspiration - Part 1

We can't WAIT until Harry Potter comes out this month! We are going to see it at an IMAX theater - so fun! My sister is a HUGE fan, so this is dedicated to her... this is Part 1 because I have way too much great stuff to share! stay tuned for more!

Feeling over ambitious?!? How about creating the Hogwarts Express to great your guests! What a great photo op too! Source

How perfect are these Daily Prophet badges? Your guests will feel all official wearing one of these! Source

How about making official cards for each guests for what "house" they are?!? Tea stained and liter used on the edges to make them look authentic.  Source found via pocacosas

Wouldn't this be the best way to send your invites!?!? I love it! Owl Post pillow boxes are perfect! Source

Take a rectangle sheet cake, carve it just a bit and you have a magic spell book! A steady hand and you'll have the perfect ending to your party! Source