Tuesday, November 9

Goldfish/Nemo Party Ideas/Inspiration

These little fishes can compliment a Finding Nemo, underwater/under the sea or shark themed party...

This underwater scene is so darling! Clear balloons make the perfect "bubbles", blue curtain and tablecloth make the perfect background! Source

How fun would it be to have a goldfish king?!? This crown is just too adorable! Source
Have to have fish cookies! How hilarious are these ones - check out the faces on the ones that got bit! lol Source

How about some apricot fish?!? how clever! Dried apricots, mini chocolate chips and white chocolate is all you need to create these little guys! Source and tutorial

To not freak out all the parents, send the kids home with goldfish soap! Just get plastic goldfish, melt pure glycerin (you can find at any craft store), pour in heavy duty bag, va-la! Source



  1. I saw those little glycerin bags the other day and thought, GENUIS IDEA.

  2. ok..the glycerin soap is genius and the balloon 'bubbles' are too cute.

    I wonder if you can work fish soap into a Thanksgiving theme?? :)

  3. The soap bags are so cute! Also perfect for a Sesame Street Party favor!

  4. YAY! Thanks for the feature!! You're the sweetest ever!!

  5. cute stuff! Those apricots look yummy!

  6. I love the goldfish soap... just looks brilliant and so much fun :) Apricots fish are a great idea too!

  7. Such cute ideas! Clever apricot fish:)

  8. The dried apricots are sweet and (as a parent) the glycerin soap fishies are soo much better than real fishies!!!

  9. thanks for the comments ladies! I think we all agree the soap is a way better idea than real fish!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  10. Adorable and yes def agree with the soap rather than real fish.

  11. Great Ideas, I am planning to make a Nemo-themed birthday party for my son and will use your clever ideas!


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