Thursday, November 18

More Thanksgiving Ideas/Inspiration

Just one week to go!!! Here are a few more ideas to inspire!

How adorable is this buffet?!? I love the simple leaf banner and that looks like pumpkin whoopie pies to me! count me in! Source found via love-the-day

Another option for a leaf banner... Source and tutorial

You know I love my rustic stuff! These candied apples with twigs would pretty up any table! Source

How about making a cornucopia bread centerpiece?  Some tinfoil and canned bread dough - this would only take minutes! Source and tutorial 

Make pumpkin pie cookies! Shortbread cookies with a little orange icing and white frosting for whip cream and you have the perfect Thanksgiving cookie! Source and a tutorial for making full cookie pie



  1. Love the leaf bunting on the dessert table. What a great idea.

  2. I love this! Thanks Kim!

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for the link love:)

  4. Love the cookie. I love when people make food look like other food. LOL!

  5. Wow! Love the candied apples (I'm SO into rustic this year) and the cute cornucopia bread!! It would be so cute in the middle of a large cheese plate with sliced fruit.

  6. I love those little candied apples! Super cute!

  7. thanks for all the feedback ladies! I am glad that you are crushing on the leaf banner too! I might have to get in the craft room and get to gettin'!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  8. Ok, that slice of pie cookie is too cute!


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