Saturday, November 20

Shopping Saturday!

OMG, is it Christmas yet?!? The traffic was TERRIBLE today! geez! I better finish my shopping early this year! ...any way, here are a few local finds (at national chains) that might help you prepare for your next party/event!

Super perfect for a baby shower or Dr. Suess ABC book party! These are 3 boxes in 1 bundle - so adorable for using for height on your buffet table! (or put gifts in ;o)

Found: AC Moore Crafts
Section: Unfinished
Price: wasn't marked :o(

Have you seen these new bark molds?!? GENIUS! Taking your Holiday party/gifts to the next level! Use them for soap or large crayon molds too!

Found: AC Moore Crafts
Section: Holiday
Price: $1.99

I love mini anything, so this dessert bar pan totally caught my eye!

Found: AC Moore Crafts or here
Section: Baking
Price: $14.99

Having a sewing themed party? Use these wooden spools add paint or real string and use as cupcake toppers, string together for table garland or just stack for decoration.

Found: AC Moore Crafts
Section: Unfinished
Price: $3.49

Christmas time is the perfect time to find plushes for your parties - this elephant, monkey or frog would be a great centerpiece to parties related to them! Get it now and stash away!

Found: JoAnn Fabrics
Section: Seasonal
Price: $19.99 (I think)

How fun is this clubhouse?!? It would be a great decorating activity for any kid's party!

Found: Michael's Crafts
Sectional: Kid's Art
Price: $19.99

Christmas is also a great time to find ornaments you can use for your party theme - use these for your Fairy themed party - you could give as favors or just hang with fishing wire throughout your party space!

Found: Michael's Crafts
Section: Seasonal
Price: $8.99

At first I was like what the heck would I do with these? Then I thought WAIT! give each person syrup at breakfast in one! or creamer! ta-da!

Found: Michael's Crafts
Section: Seasonal
Price: $1

shopping stash... small peek at some of the secret stash for a party I am planning for next Saturday...stay tuned! .... So happy to be back into party mode!