Tuesday, December 28

Dog birthday party ideas/inspiration!

When we were growing up, me and my little sister shared a room - there was the great divide - cats on my side, dogs on hers! How fun would a dog themed party be for a little boy (or girl)...so here are some ideas to Frost a dog themed party!

This, I believe, was for a dog, but would be perfect for human food too! I love the fake grass and all the bright colors! Source

Make dog bone shaped placemats from kraft paper and use dog bowls as favor holders! You could use them as bowls on your buffet too.  Source

Get miniature dog houses (from unfinished stuff at the craft store) and let the kids decorate as their activity! You can even set up a station where they can "adopt" a dog plush.  Source

Chocolate paws would be a perfect favor! I love the little paw ribbon and vase, too! Source

Make this a "human" cake by making dog bone cookies... because the pendant banner and bow are too cute to pass up! Source



  1. Very cute! I love that cake. I wrote up some ideas for a dog party on my site earlier this year. Here's the link, if anyone's interested:

  2. Love, love the fake grass!! So adorable! Here's also a party I did last year and it was so much fun! Instead of gifts, we asked the guests to bring a donation to our Humane Society and we delivered the supplies to them and played with the animals for a while!

  3. Hi friend,

    Nice picture! It would be great if you can provide more details about dog birhtday party. Thank you...

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  4. Its Charlie's cake!!!! lol Glad to be included among all the adorable ideas!!! Thanks.

  5. That Pennant banner inspired me to add one to my wedding cake. LOVE.

  6. What a cute party! Love the chocolate paws : )

    I'm your newest follower!!! You have some fabulous ideas on here...can't wait to look around a bit more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. thanks for all the luv and feedback ladies! Happy New Year!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  8. Wow! this is wonderful party, good idea to celebrate the parties. Thank you sharing this them.

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