Wednesday, December 29

New Year's Eve Ideas/Inspiration!

Ok, we are totally lame - we will be just be vegging on movies, champagne and food between the both of us... but in case you are putting something together - here are a few ideas that hopefully will inspire!

I just found this today and omg, so on my list - maybe for my staff? we'll see how ambitious I am lol... These little "bubble" cookies fill a champagne flute and would make an awesome favor or just filler for your table! Source and tutorial

Why not make the "bubble" cookies above and add a little "frosting" to the glasses with inexpensive tinsel! Source

For a fun favor - how about homemade "renewing hand scrub" - so clever! Source and tutorial & template

I thought these were such a fantastic idea - resolution cookies! If you aren't too steady with the hand piping - why not just use edible markers - you could even do plain ones and have your guests write & share theirs before they eat them ;o)  Source



  1. Oh I love those "Bubble cookies" such a cute idea!


  2. LOVE the resolution cookies! Fun idea! :)

  3. Love this renewing hand scrub tag! Here is a DIY NYE wreath I did ...super easy and cheap! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Thanks for including my scrub :)

    I LOVE the champagne cookies...wonder if it would be just as cute with donut holes??? hmm - I may need a bigger glass!

  5. Loving the resolution cookies! Why didn't I check in here before today?? No time to make them now! Cute ideas!!


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