Wednesday, December 1

Happy Hanukkah

Today is the first day of Hanukkah - here are a few ways to Frost it!

Fun dreidel garland - don't you love those colors?!? Source

One dreidel treat...Source and tutorial

another kind...Yum... I'll take the chocolate kind please! ;o) ... Source

Cute twix menorah cupcakes! Source and tutorial

Traditionally, Sufganiyot (jelly filled doughnuts) are a Hanukkah tradition... why not try this new take on the treat - Chocolate, chocolate filled ones! Source and recipe


  1. I made some of the marshmallow/kiss/pretzel dreidels time I'm adding sprinkles - YUMMY!!

  2. The cupcake menorah is adorable! I wish I had thought to use my glitter chipboard letters as a garland - that's super cute with the glitter dreidels. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  3. The cupcake menorah is lovely and I love the dreidel treats.


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