Friday, December 31

Happy New Year's Eve!

Just want to take a min to reflect... This year has been filled with many fantastic things and many not-so... Party Frosting! and all of you guys have kept my spirits high! I look forward to reading all of your comments (even those that don't have emails to write back to :o( 

Inspired by some of my friends, I wanted to give a special thanks to a few chicas that are my daily email crew...

I am SO happy to have met these wonderful women along the way!  They keep me laughing, motivated and inspired - I love them all! If you haven't checked them out... then get on it! There are so many others of you that I love talking to and inspire me, it would take me pages to write all of you! Many hugs and keep the comments and emails coming!

Lelan @ Good Gravy Designs
Pam @ Party Starters
Sandy @ Sandy's Baking Memories
Staci @ Lizard&Ladybug
Kristy @ The Purple Pug
Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea

Here's to a bigger (but slimmer), better new year!