Thursday, December 30

Penguin Party ideas/inspiration...

I have been saving this one for a friend of mine who's son LOVES penguins!... (don't tell anyone, but my fiance' got me the penguin pillow pet for christmas and I LOVE him and I am not even a stuffed animal kind of gal!)

I am SO in love with this party! So many great colors and LOOK at that table dressing people! I so want this party for myself! Source

The kids might not eat them, but these olive and cream cheese guys are too cute not to make! Source and tutorial

As your activity, have the kids make penguins out of cans! The site is no longer available where I save these from... but I would think you could cover any can in black contact paper, cut white contact paper out for his tummy... beak and feet from orange felt and wings from black felt and glue on googly eyes, tada!

Penguin brown pops would look so adorable on your table... dip first in chocolate, let harden, then lay the front in white chocolate, let harden and then either pipe on faces or use edible markers to draw them! used to be available from Williams & Sonoma

I know a lot of you have seen him... but I had to include this is a little guy I created! Candy corn feet, dipped marshmallow body, sliced open marshmallow belly dipped in clear sprinkles, dipped strawberry gummy for his head, used razor knife to cut ends of tic tacs for eyes, cut end off orange tic tac for nose and dipped a little chocolate to dot the eyes... inspired by a more sophisticated penguin from ourbestbites