Thursday, December 16

Kidnapped by the holiday!..

I don't know about you guys... but I feel OVERWHELMED!!! My stepson (8) is being picked up from the airport, I am preparing for his Christmas, gingerbread building party on Sat and a Christmas dinner on Sunday (he goes on Christmas Eve so we are doing a "fake" Christmas this weekend)... AND I am trying to get done all my holiday shopping and baking... so forgive me but I need another pass on inspiration ;o)  Hope you all are doing well and surviving the season!

...OH! And it snowed today - SOOO did not add shoveling into the schedule! grrrrr.....

Here is the ONLY thing I have completely finished ;o)  I created Christmas tree boxes with my cricut for an advent calendar - He is only here 16-24 so luckily I didn't have to make too many!  They look really small in this pic but they are actually pretty large...


  1. I'm amazed you even had breathing space to make the advent calendar. Wishing you precious time to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

  2. Very cute! Hang in there and just enjoy the moments as they come as best you can! Kerri

  3. Thanks ladies! Whew... one more day and I can get back to normal life! lol Happy Holidays!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!


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