Tuesday, December 14

Please Vote - New Year's Eve Party!

A TON of us party girls got together for an East Coast/West Coast New Year's Eve party! Theme was black and white (and both sides added splashes of color).  We all mailed stuff across the country to our East or West Coast coordinator and WOW did it turn out fantastic! 

Here are a few pics from East Coast (I party for the East baby!)  East Coast did a comic style theme and the West did old rascal styling... All pics for both sides and voting here

EAST COAST! styled by the glitter fabulous Purple Pug (see her blog for all pics)

Here is my contribution! I silk-screened favor bags and included markers for the kiddies to color...

Had to share this ridiculously fantastic pop tart holders - WHA?!? Crazy ridiculous fun!(from Social Circles Shoppe & Soirees)

The West Coast did have some great moments too... but still vote East Coast *wink*

Be sure to go VOTE 
(for East Coast, of course ;o) 
(please note the word vote is tiny above each pic, look closely!)

We all did this party (one to show off to the other coast heehee) but also to raise money and awareness for an AWESOME charity - Project Night Night